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StopECG is implacably opposed to all companies that mail documents that they claim to be legally binding contracts where the document is formulated in such a way as to make it possible that people will sign it in error.

DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or associated with the European City Guide (ECG). This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to the ECG on account of it's marketing tactics, and to other companies that use or profit from similar tactics. If you have come here seeking their services you are in the wrong place!
StopECG is not responsible for the content of external sites which we link to

Last Updated 11th November 2011 - This website is no longer updated.

Please tell the European Commission about your problems with scam guides!!

November 2011: The European Commission has published a consultation and it is vital that Your Stories are told!

Please go to, select your language then search for 2006/114/EC then proceed to fill out the questionnaire, submissions are published so keep it simple and factual.

You do not have to be an EU resident to submit information In fact it is important that those outside the EU who are affected by mailings from EU countries make their voice heard!
The consultation closes on 16 December 2011, so please do not delay, if you make your submission today it will not get forgotten!!

Past EU action includes The Report by Simon Busittil MEP in to combating misleading advertising by business-directory companies
Swiss Action against Guides and debt collectors
July 2009: The police raids on the Swiss companies including Novachannel AG and Intercable Verlag AG have far reaching significance. Switzerland was the hub of the scam guide empire run by Meinolf Ludenbach and while the current level of his involvement is unknown the guides and associated companies have continued to trade after he announced his retirement, if anything they have expanded. Along with 2 of the most profitable guides the debt collection outfits in Both Switzerland and Austria appear to be out of commission with the ECG, based in Spain, now mailing its own hastily prepared Debt Collection emails.

There has been an established pattern with these guides that when one guide is forced out of business another emerges - by some amazing coincidence both Swiss guides sold many of their disputed contracts to companies outside Switzerland in the months before they were raided. These new companies continue to demand payment from people who signed the Swiss contacts in error. StopECG hopes that the Lucerne police will take a close interest in the way these operations were moved beyond Switzerland’s borders while the companies were under criminal investigation.

For people in dispute with Novachannel and Intercable StopECG advises that you make it clear to the new operators that you know that the company which mailed the contracts to you is closed pending prosecution. That you have no intention of paying while this criminal investigation continues and that you will complain to the police if you receive any more demands. We will publish contact details for police and other authorities in the host countries over the next few days.

If you have a particularly complete set of demands including letters sent from Switzerland and then from the new company based elsewhere it may be worth sending them to the Lucerne police, details can be found on the StopECG Blog

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Trusting StopECG
Have you been told by one of the guides that the advice offered here is erroneous? Read More

The European City Guide, Useful Facts
  • We have no evidence that the ECG has ever taken anyone to court for refusal to pay after signing a misleading contract, yet they have threatened thousands with legal action!
  • The ECG has suffered both civil and criminal convictions for misleading advertising, fraud and attempted fraud. This makes it almost impossible for them to legally enforce these disputed contracts.
  • Most people sign these contracts in error, refuse to pay and suffer threats... YOU ARE NOT ALONE
letters to expect from the ECG | letters of Complaint you should write

European City Guide in Numbers.               
32,000,000 The Number of trick contracts mailed in the last 6 years.
250,000 The Approximate number who have signed ECG contracts.
Over 80% are estimated to never pay the ECG. (Around 200,000 people)
0 The number of people reporting having been taken to court for refusal to pay.
over 580,000 Amount in fines levied agaisnt the ECG so far (In Euros)

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Thanks To Everyone who helped us defeat the Guide's lawyers and for making the Pledge a Success!
If you are a lawyer and are considering a well paid job attacking this website, please first take a minute to read what others have said about the ECG (Citizens Advice Bureau) | Advertising Standards Authority | Office Of Fair Trading
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11th April 2007 ECG Lose Barcelona Appeal - 2003 conviction is upheld
4th April 2007 Belgian Court Convicts the ECG of Fraud
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European City Guide, CONTENTS

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  1. Free support for those who have become embroiled
  2. If you get their letter (warning and advice)
  3. Tips for those of you who have already signed
  4. What you can expect over the next year or so
  5. Get Active, Notes on where to send complaints. incorporating:
  6. everything we know about the ECG!
  7. Link to us and help to forwarn others
  8. Take the Polls
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ECG Contract Poll
When you Signed the ECG mailshot, did you realise they would bill you

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It is important that you stay in touch! Please email You will then be kept informed of developments.

If you get their letter (warning and advice)
Then you are presumably reading this page because you wanted to check it out before returning it... We maintain an archive of ECG mailshots, so please scan it and send us a copy (Preferably in jpg or PDF format). If you consider it to be misleading then please Send letters of complaint.

Too Late! I have signed it!
If you have signed less than 10 days ago and did not wish to take out an advert with the ECG, you can still cancel, Fax them a cancellation and follow this up with a letter by recorded mail.

If you are here because the 10 day deadline has passed and you are now receiving unexpected demands for money you will need to write a number of letters of complaint. Please do this! Doing nothing is not an option.

To Pay or not to pay

For legal reasons StopECG cannot issue advice either generally or to individuals on the issue of whether you should part with money based on the document you have signed. All we can do is appraise you of the situation as it stands and allow you to make up your own mind. We hope the notes below are of assistance.
  1. The European City Guide has many companies on its books who have, or are disputing the validity of its contracts.
  2. Repeated Versions of the ECGs form have been ruled to be both misleading and deceptive by the courts in Barcelona. and later as Fraudulent by a court in Belgium
  3. As far as we can ascertain no one who has refused to pay has ever been taken to court. Court action has often been threatened both by the guide and the associated debt collection companies. Threats can be very direct and urgent but in every case we have followed the threats have passed without court action occurring.
  4. StopECG would actually like the ECG to bring a court case against an individual for non-payment, we have a wealth of evidence and a fighting fund and in the event of them attempting to enforce a contract we consider to be misleading on an individual we will do all we can to prevent them succeeding!
  5. Paying may weaken your legal position, sister Guide Construct Data was recently forced to cease demands against its victims but is still allowed to harrass people who have paid. This is a VERY strong argument for you NOT TO PAY!
  6. Those who have paid ususally receive further demands for money, if you read the small print of the document you will discover that it runs for 3 years, so paying an installment may not be the end of this issue.

Get Active!
The more you do, the stronger your position, the actions below are listed in approximate order of priority
Please go through the sections below and do as much as you can, where there are More.. links a new window will open with additional information and pro-forma letters to speed up your task.

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please breifly explain why

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.
Submitting Complaints by email or Fax? StopECG feels that complaints carry more weight when submitted by post. If you file complaints by email or Fax you will still need to copy all your correspondence with the ECG and their agents. By email such letters and documents should be sent as PDF or image files.

Contact The Valencian Authorities in Spain

Why: The Catalan authorities have ruled against the ECG on 2 separate occasions, eventually closing them, and fining them 300,000 Euros. The ECG then simply moved to Valencia and started mailing very similar contracts! The Valencian Authorities have the power to take similar actions to the Catalans. For that reason alone this letter is the most important one you can write.

How: Please follow the notes in the red box above, Keep your letter as simple as possible.
Enclose photocopies of all your correspondence with the European City Guide.

We recommend you send letters by post and then follow them up by email if you do not get a response. Send to:

Mr. Bernardo Rosell,
Dirección General de Comercio (Regional Government of Valencia)
C/ Colón, 32
46004 Valencia
Tel. 0034 96 3184221
Fax. 0034 96 3184216

You should copy your correspondence to central coordinating body

Instituto Nacional del Consumo
(Ms. Lourdes Dietta)
C/ Principe de Vergara 54
E-28006 Madrid

Did you sign up before the summer of 2003?

Please check your contract with the ECG, if it states that the place of jurisdiction is Barcelona you have signed the older version which as been ruled as misleading by the courts in Barcelona

The ECG launched an appeal against the ruling but then moved and it is unclear if the appeal was ever heard, that said, if you are receiving demands for money based on the condemned contract you should contact the Catalan authority.

Explain to them that you know they took court action and penalized the ECG in 2003, and that you cannot understand why you are still being pursued for money even after the ruling! Explain that you are writing to the Authorities in Valencia as well and CC the letter to the 2 addresses above.

Please remember to include copies of all your correspondence with the ECG and the debt collection companies they have employed.
Send your complaint to:

Generalitat de Catalunya,
Dirección General de Consumo y Seguridad Industrial,
Avda. Diagonal,
405 bis,
08008 Barcelona,

IMPORTANT: If you are also filing a complaint against Premium Recovery AG or Gravis Inkasso Gmbh. Please include the fact that your contract has been ruled as misleading with your letter of complaint. We recommend that you print off the OFT press release and send a copy.

Letters you should send direct to the ECG
Why: If you are unhappy with the current situation you must let the ECG know, there are also aspects of the contract that you may not yet be aware of.
How: We will go through this in stages, some pro-forma letters are provided, simply save them to your own PC, replace or delete the parts in red and mail them off!

If you have started receiving demands for money and wish to dispute the contract and/or the way in which your signature was obtained.
You Should Write to the ECG and request cancellation. They may not agree to cancel, however you will have put them on notice that you are not satisfied.
Pro-forma letters: Word Document | Text
NOTE: This letter may not be used to try to extricate yourself from a contract you knowingly agreed to. Only use the letter if you signed the ECG's Contract in error.

Important note regarding the ECG's Contracts.
That small print not states that you are signed up for 3 years, (expect to get demands for all 3), it also contains a real killer clause that states that the contract will self-perpetuate, year-on-year unless you inform the ECG in writing 3 months before the end of the third year that you do not wish it to continue...
Unless you want your relationship with the ECG to run into a fourth year you had better write to then right now and request cancellation of that clause!
Pro-forma letters: Word Document | Text
NOTE: This Pro-Forma letter is drafted on the assumption that you are disputing the contract in its entirety. If you accept the ECG's contract and are simply canceling the additional year, please remove the second paragraph, which reads This notice is given without prejudice and in no way constitutes my acceptance of your contract or terms.

Expect a response from the ECG to these letters, if you do not get replies we reccomend sending them reminders.

Beyond this it is up to you to write letters to the ECG as you see fit, there are a few questions you might wish to ask the ECG, please do not just trundle this list off to them, take one subject and elaborate on it. Please also send stopECG the replies you get! Facing The Debt Collectors
In the early years ECG used the Swiss company OVAG International to pursue those who had not paid. Late in 2003 two new companies were established Gravis Inkasso Gmbh and Premium Recovery AG
If you have not paid the ECG you can expect one of these companies to contact you, often with very direct threats of court action. Please click on either of the company names above for additional advice on where to complain to if you are unhappy with their conduct

Write to the Mayor Of Valencia
Why:As The elected official for the City the mayor has the job of ensuring that Valencia is seen in a favorable light both at home and abroad. If you have a dispute with a company in Valencia, the Mayor should know!
How: By Post is best; we recommend keeping the Mayor appraised of your correspondences with the Direcci>n General de Comercio and of their replies.

Write To:
Dńa. Rita Barber~ Nolla
Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1
46002 Valencia

Phone: 00 34 96 352 5478

Contact Your MEP
advice for residents of the European Union who are in dispute with Gravis Inkasso Gmbh Residents of the European Union are asked to send a copy of the complaint to their MEP (Member European Parliament). If you do not know who your MEP is, click the one of the links below and look them up. You may find that you are represented by more than one MEP, if so, please contact them all!! ALL EU Countries please navigate to your country UK Only (enter your postcode, you can then fax direct from the webform!) UK Only (for postal addresses)

Contact BBC TV (See Also Going to the Press)
Why: Watchdog has exposed the ECG before, the impact was immense with vastly increased awareness of the problem.
How: Go to to submit your note. If you are in Wales you can also try the Ferrit

Going to the Press
Why: Getting articles in the local press will forwarn others about contracts they may receive in the post.
How: Getting an article into the local press is surprisingly easy More..

Contact Local trading Standards
Why: Differnet local Trading standards work together and the more people write in, the better picture they will have of any problem across the whole country.
How: You can find your local contact from Their website or by phoning your local council. You do not need to write a letter, a phonecall will do it.
Press release by Bath Trading Standards

Contact Your National Self Regulation Organisation
Why: Self Regulation Organisations (SROs) Enforce responsible advertising from within the industry, some have legal powers as well. They also liase with government enforcement agencies. Getting a letter to your national SRO is important.
How: To find the contact details for the SRO in your country visit:

You should provide copies of your correspondence with the ECG + a letter explaining why you feel mislead. Make it clear that you are filing a Cross Border Complaint

Contact The Office of Fair Trading
The Office of fair trading have done all they can at this time They ask that you do not involve them in furthar administration by sending letters but complain direct to the Authorities in Valencia

The Give 'em the slip option
Many people have written over the years suggesting simply returning ECG mail unopened, we do not advocate this, if you have a dispute with the ECG, please stand up to them and do the letter writing suggested above

Other Letters you might wish to write
If you are unhappy with the ECG then please feel free write to anyone who may have influence over this situation

Spanish Embassy (UK)
Spanish Embassy Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs,
Second Floor,
66 Chiltern St,
W1U 4LS,
Tf. +44 207 467 2330- Fax. +44 207 487 5586

ECG's Bank - Last Updated Dec 2009
Banks have legal and moral oblications which may be incompatable with collecting money for the likes of the ECG. If in the the activities of the ECG are deemed criminal (they already have been in at least one country) and banks have failed to act they may ulimately share liability. You should write to the bank referenced in any demands and inform them of this. Please enclose copies of all your correspondance with the ECG and any supporting evidence such as news articles and past criminal cases against the ECG and similar guides.
You can identify the bank referenced on a demand letter by using the Swift website (simply enter the BIC code)
The ECG now runs more than one bank account, please only complain to the bank named in the letters you recieve from the ECG. If the account on your letters is not listed here, please send us a scan, but please be aware, we do not manage to add details of all!

Current Banks:
Account Info 1:
Bank: Caixa Catalunya
Bank Account: 2013 1368 4602 0210 6405
IBAN: ES43 2013 1368 4602 0210 6405

Complain to both:
Bank Caixa Catalunya,
E - 46002 VALENCIA,

Bank Caixa Catalunya,
Plaça Antoni Maura, 6,
Tel: +34 96 353 8430
Fax: +34 96 353 8433

Account Info 2:
Bank: Caja Madrid
Bank Account 2038 9930 8160 0071 1392
IBAN: ES65 2038 9930 8160 0071 1392

Complain to:
And follow up in writing to:

Bank Caja Madrid,
Plaza de Celenque, 2.
28013 Madrid,

Account Info 3:
Bank: BSCH
Bank Account 0049 1827 8023 1052 4128
IBAN: ES72 0049 1827 8023 1052 4128

Complain to:
Contact Form (English)
Contact Form (Spanish)

Account Info 4:
Bank: BBVA
Bank Account 0182 5405 5702 0150 8071
IBAN: ES82 0182 5405 5702 0150 8071

Complain to:

Barcelona: (Head Office)
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A
Paseo de Gracia, 84 entlo.
08008 Barcelona
Fax: +34 93 4014151

Valencia (Account is held here)
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A
Pintor Sorolla, 1
46002 Valencia
Fax: +34 96 388 03 32

Account Info 5: First Reported in 2006 this account is reported occasionally on more recent demands but may be defunct
Bank: VALE
Bank Account: 0093 0100 6200 0488 4383
IBAN ES94 0093 0100 6200 0488 4383

Complain to:
Bank Vale.
Fernando El Santo, 20,
Madrid 28010, Madrid,
Phone : +34 913 609 900
Fax : +34 913 609 901

Account Info 6: (French Demand, Dec 2009)
Bank: Bankinter
Account No: 0128 0504 86 0500001404
IBAN: ES89 0128 0504 8605 0000 1404

Complain to:
28760 MADRID,

Previous Banks, included for reference only, these banks appear to have no current association with the ECG. Dates are approximate.

2006 - mid 2007
BANK: Popular
Acct: 0075 0082 00 060108 1566
IBAN: ES53 0075 0082 0006 0108 1566

2006 - mid 2007
Bank Account: 2090 3200 50 0041045040 ES10
IBAN: 2090 3200 5000 4104 5040

2005 - 2006
Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona (La Caixa)
Account info lost

March 2006 - Dec 2006
Banc Sabadell
Account: 0081 0200 28 0001528961
IBAN: ES47 0081 0200 2800 0152 8961

European City Guide, Info about the compny

Started 1998
Contact Info 1998-2004
127 E-08008,

TEL.: +34 93 452 04 23
FAX: +34 93 453 61 15

Contact Info from early 2004 - July 2004
European City Guide
Ribera 11, 3o 4o -

Tel : +34 902 36 34 70
Fax : +34 902 36 34 71

Contact Info from July 2004 - Present Day
European City Guide, S.L.
Martinez Cubells, 6, 4o pta.8

Tel : +34 902 36 34 70
Fax : +34 902 36 34 71


To See all the ECG's Domain names Check the link farm article

A Whois search indicates that the domain name was registered by a certain LOPEZ PELAEZ. He appears in the company regestration documentation as LOPEZ PELAEZ TORRES FRANCISCO.

Countries affected. / Links
The 50,000 businesses listed in European City Guide are spread over 38 countries, all the states below have been affected (though we suspect Spanish companies listed may not be invoiced). Where a name is linked you can get information in that language.
PLEASE: If you can spare the time to translate information for us, get in touch!


(For a rough translation of non-English sites try using This link

Press Coverage | See all guide and scam related coverage

Warning over adverts scam Redditch Advertiser 15th December 2008
Warning over unsolicited advertising Warrington Guardian 5th December 2008
Ask your MEP - Misleading advertising Times Of Malta 31st Jan 2006

That's It, stay strong, and from now on always read the very small print!