Have you paid a disputed Guide bill by Credit Card?

You may be able to recover your money!

Trusting StopECG
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Persons who pay by credit card have very strong consumer rights, these rights are global and you should be covered regardless of where you live.

If you paid a guide by card and feel that you were:

1) Deceived into making the payment by false advertising and or threats
2) Have received no tangible benefit from your ĎAdvertí

It is worth contacting the card issuer and requesting a chargeback of the transaction.

Simply phone the number printed on your card or any statement they send you and ask for a form to do a chargeback

StopECG recommend you back up any chargeback request with a full dossier of your correspondence with the guide, print offs and webpages detailing any convictions the guide may have suffered as a result of its advertising methods as well as warnings published by respected bodies. Take some time over this! You stand to recover quite a large sum of money if your complaint is successful.

In the covering letter draw attention to the evidence of common ownership between many of the guides, point out to the card issuer that some of the guides have suffered criminal convictions for their activities and that, should the guide you refer to be convicted in a criminal court in the future you will hold the card issuer liable for failing to return your payment. It may also be worth suggesting to the bank that they might wish to consider revoking the merchant status afforded to the guide in order to prevent further disputes.

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