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Currently making demands based on the disputed contracts of Intercable Veralg Ag

Page first published August 12th 2009

DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or associated with the Central European Advertising Kft (CEA Kft.) This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to the CEA on account of the misleading contracts it Acquired from Intercable Veralg, and to other companies that use or profit from similar tactics. If you have come here seeking their services you are in the wrong place!
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  1. Basic Company Info
  2. Advice if you are Pursued for money
  3. Letters you should send
  4. Specific note for Czech readers
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Basic Company Info

Cea.Kft appeared at the very end of 2008, it remained unnoticed until May 2009 when it purchased the disputed contracts of scam guide Intercable Veralg AG. These disputed contracts and the subsequent demands for money when people signed them in error had resulted in a criminal investigation against Intercable in Switzerland. Just over a month after unloading the contracts to CEA Intercable was raided, staff arrested and the company put into liquidation.

But before the raids CEA Kft. was already active, writing to those in dispute with Intercable to inform them that as of 1st may 2009 it owned the contracts.

Contact Info
Central European Advertising Kft,
HU-1132 Budapest,
Vaci Ut 18,
TEL: +36 1 883 3300
FAX: +36 1 883 3301
E-MAIL: custcare@cearegister.com
WEB: http://www.cearegister.com/

Advice if you are receiving demands for money

To Pay or not to pay

For legal reasons StopECG cannot issue advice either generally or to individuals on the issue of whether you should part with money based on the document you have signed. All we can do is appraise you of the situation as it stands and allow you to make up your own mind. We hope the notes below are of assistance.
  1. Intercable had many companies who disputed the validity of its contracts.
  2. As far as we can ascertain no one who has refused to pay was ever been taken to court (Except In The Czech Republic and Slovakia). Court action was often threatened both by the guide and the associated debt collection companies. But in every case we have followed the threats passed without court action occurring.
  3. CEA.Kft now owns the disputed contracts of Intercable, but the activity of mailing these contracts and then demanding money when people signed in error is subject to a criminal investigation in Switzerland
  4. It appears reasonable in the circumstances to withhold any payment until the final outcome of the Swiss investigation and any court case that may follow

Letters you should send
Letter 1 you should send direct to CEA Kft. Essential Note, we do not have pro-forma letters yet, feel free to send us your examples

CEA Kft. Has bought the contracts of Intercable Verlag, which has been raided by the Swiss police and is now in liquidation. It appears that the police raids and investigation relate directly to the content of these contracts, their misleading layout and the way in which people who signed them in error were harassed for money. It seems very reasonable in these circumstances to put CEA Kft. on notice that they are continuing an activity which may ultimately be deemed as criminal.

As such it is reasonable for you to withhold any money until after the outcome of the police investigation in Switzerland and any court cases/appeals that may stem from that, if you take this route you should also stress that in doing so you are not in any way accepting the validity of the contract which would still need to be proven in a civil court and that your rights under Art. 23 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (See Below) remain intact.

Letter 2 you should send direct to CEA Kft. Essential
According To the Swiss Embassy in London (on a page titled UNFAIR PRACTICES VIA SWITZERLAND (Removed in overhaul of the website, early 2008) Art. 23 of the Swiss Code gives you a getout clause if your dispute is less than a year old.

From The Swiss Embassy website, The Exact Statement Regarding Novachannel AG (But applicable to Intercable)

If someone has been deceived into concluding a contract by NovaChannel AG, he/she can challenge the contract by writing a letter to the counterpart within a year of discovering the error, stating that he/she has been deceived and that he/she considers therefore the contract to be invalid. The contract is then considered to be annulled (Art. 23 of the Swiss Code of Obligations); the consequence being that there are no outstanding obligations of any kind.

If a debt collection company or another representative of the counterpart should insist on paying the money, the debt collection company respectively the representative of the counterpart should also be informed that the contract has been annulled.

Attention is drawn to the fact that only the civil judge is in a position to definitely state whether the challenged contract is really invalid if the party insisting on the validity of the contract chooses to initiate civil proceedings. Old notes on this (Last updated 11th Jan 05)

What Does This Mean?
Put Simply, You should write to CEA Kft. quoting Art. 23 of the Swiss Code of Obligations a stating that it is less than one year since you realised you were fooled by the wording of the contract into signing a document and that you would not have signed were it more clearly laid out. As such you are challenging the valitdity of the contract and it must be considered to be null and void.

Letters of Complaint

Letters of complaint play a vital role, there is little doubt that international pressure has helped bring about law enforcement action against guides in several countries, for your sake, and for the sake of others who may not have the resources to find this advice, please send as many letters as possible!

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please breifly explain why.

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.
Submitting Complaints by email or Fax? StopECG feels that complaints carry more weight when submitted by post. If you file complaints by email or Fax you will still need to copy all your correspondence with the ECG and their agents. By email such letters and documents should be sent as PDF or image files.

The addresses below represent a temporary fix and may be updated, Because the Current StopECG server cannot handle some of the Hungarian characters this information is repeated StopECG Blog

Contacting your MEP Worthwhile

advice for residents of the European Union who are in dispute with Gravis Inkasso Gmbh If you do not know who your MEP is, click the one of the links below and look them up. You may find that you are represented by more than one MEP, if so, please contact them all!!
http://www.europarl.eu.int/ ALL EU Countries please navigate to your country
http://www.writetothem.com/ UK Only (enter your postcode, you can then fax direct from the webform!)
http://www.europarl.org.uk/uk_meps/MembersMain.htm UK Only (for postal addresses)

Non EU Residents Send the same full dossier of your correspondence to The EU Commissioner.

Meglena Kuneva,
DG Health and Consumer Protection,

Mayor of Budapest Worthwhile

Mr. Gábor Demszky Mayor
Városház u. 9-11, 1052,

tel : +36 1 3271038
fax : + 36 1 3271809
Web: www.budapest.hu
Contact person: Ms. Maria Tomanek

Office of International Relations Worthwhile

Office of International Relations,
H-1052 Budapest,
Varoshaz u.9-11.

tel: +36 1 3271075/76
fax:+36 1 3271807/82
Email: TomanekM@Budapest.hu

General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection Worthwhile

General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection
(Fogyasztóvédelmi Fofelügyeloség)
1088 Budapest,
József krt. 6.

Web: www.fvf.hu
E-mail: fvf@fvf.hu

Contact the Hungarian Police Worthwhile
Sorry, we only have a weblink at this time


Specific note for Czech and Slovak readers
stopECG are aware that Intercable Verlag took Czech and Slovak victims to court This information is not relevant in any other country

Read more in this very detailed Czech Newspaper article Czech companies in dispute with Intercable Verlag / CEA.Kft. should contact JUDr Josef Benes Benes@IMG.cz He is a Czech lawyer who himself fell victim (mentioned in the article) who is actively trying to find other Czech victims.

Site for Czech readers Click flag for a Czech language forum on Intercable.

Details on this company

The Hungarian Company register shows that Central European Advertising Kft was Registered on 12th December 2008 with the following principal names
Exectutives: Péter László ügyvezeto (Peter Laszlo) and Kovács Mária (Maria Kovacs)
Advocate: Dr. Pákay András
An email lp@viip.tv was also given

Ownership is through a holding company Central European Advertising LLc based in Delaware, USA

The Domain www.cearegister.com was registered by Peter Laszlo using the same email address on 12th Jan 2009. When examined in July 2009 the website was a hastily compiled collection of new text with old Intercable contact details. The database did not work.
A new check on August 11th 2009 found the website inaccessible, The hosting IP on that day was based in Switzerland

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