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  1. Company Info
  2. Advice if you have signed in error
  3. Research and background
  4. Examples of Forms
  5. Plagerism?
  6. Contact StopECG
Company Info

This section contains the most basic info, for more detail see the Research and background section.

Easy Pages is a fairly new company and stopECG are still compiling information and advice on them and on how to complain if you feel mislead

Easy Pages mails forms from Valencia in Spain, however the company offices are in London and the firm is clearly UK based. StopECG has received complaints that the forms are misleading; there are also complaints on some East European websites relating to easy Pages Ltd.

For this reason we are currently recommending that complainants deal with the UK bodies responsible.

Advice if you have signed in error
If you have signed in error and dispute Easy Pages demands for money or, if you simply receive a form in the post and consider it deceptive you should write to the UK bodies responsible and file a complaint.

We are not advising that you write to the Spanish authorities at this time but the advice may change, please bookmark this page and check back occasionally

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please breifly explain why

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.

Who to Write to UK SRO (Self Regulatory Body) The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) deals with complaints of misleading advertising, they have powers to prevent UK firms from undertaking deceptive practises. When writing to the ASA it will help if you explain how you feel the form to be misleading.

To Complain, Use the Online Form
or by post to:
Advertising Standards Authority,
Mid City Place,
71 High Holborn,
United Kingdom

UK Government Regulator The Office Of fair Trading (OFT)
The OFT investigates instances of unfair competition and trading practises by UK companies, it has full legal powers to take action if it uncovers wrongdoing.

Fleetbank House,
2-6 Salisbury Square,
United Kingdom

Email: enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk

UK Company Regulator Companies Investigation Branch (CIB)
The CIB investigates instances unlawful paractices by UK Registered companies, it has full legal powers to take action if neccecary. File a complaint if you beleive the activities of a UK company are unlawful

Online Complaint Form Suitable for basic complaints

Email: enquiry@cib.gsi.gov.uk

Companies Investigation Branch,
Ground Floor,
21 Bloomsbury Street,

Research and background
The first form forwarded to stopECG was in March 2006, (the same month as Easy Pages registered with Companies house in the UK), it is full of comical typing errors and to be quite honest we discarded it as a joke. (see form 1 Below). This form gave the domain address http://www.easy.eu again comical, as the .eu domains were in fact unallocated at this time. It appears Easy Pages missed out on http://www.easy.eu and this domain now has nothing to do with the guide.

The form was sent in the form of a PDF attachement to an email. Analysis of the email headers conducted at the time revealed that the form was emailed from Spain but that an account at freenet.de (In germany) was used to forward the message to its fiinal recipient in the Czech Republic.

Other Contact details on the March 2006 form are:
EASY PAGES - Duqued e Mandas 45 G 13 - 46019 Valencia - SPAIN
Fax: +34-9632 94 447
E-mail: easy@iolcz

Example 2 below is copied from http://travelguide.cpress.cz/press.asp?lngTextboxID=264
a Czech site warning about its misleading nature, it appears to date from 2007.

Note the layout and misspelling or European as Eupean remain the same, however there are new contact details:
P.O. BOX 12166 Apdo, 46012 Valencia, Spain.
And a new website

a whois on www.easypages.tv (25th Nov 2007) gives the following info:

Admin contact:
Iskender oguz Ozer,
duque de mandas 45
Valencia, 46019, ES

Note the address is the old Valencian Address from March 2006, however the email given is on a German provider, (easypages@freenet.de) this Iksender certainly gets around! It may be coincidence, but freenet.de was identified in the headers of the original spam email we recieved in march 2006.

More interesting is a visit to the company website www.easypages.tv

where under 'company info' the following details are listed (26th November 2007)

Director: Iskender Oguz ÷zer
95 Wilton Road
SW1V London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44- 20 714 779 XX (The Number given by Easy Pages is not thier own, it belongs to a UK Govt. department)
Fax +44- 20 808 250 42
E-mail: easy_pages@eml.cc

Yes that email is indeed from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, heís still travelling

There is another domain name that Easy Pages has registered but not used, easyp.co.uk
And the Whois on that (26th Nov 2007) gives different info:

Registrant type:
UK Public Limited Company, (Company number: 5746232)
Registrant's address:
Apdo. 12166 Benimaclet, Valencia, 46020, ES

Thatís the second Spanish address, seen on the 2007 forms. However a query of UK companies house clears the matter up.

Name & Registered Office:
Easy Pages Ltd
95 Wilton Road
Suite 3
Company No. 05746232

This is now a UK company

Examples of Forms
Example 1

2006 form, PDF document
Example 2

2007? form, Updated (PDF)


First let us look at the text above the part where company details are inserted / Modified on forms mailed bt Easy Pages and Intercable Verlag AG.

Easy Pages 2006

Intercable Verlag, 2004

Can you spot the difference??

The main body of the forms does differ, Intercable sends forms with the company info pre-filled and a space to modify it. Easy Pages forms were emailed, with a set of lines for the recipient to insert their company info. Below this area is small print that causes so much distress, let's see if there are any similarities here?

Easy Pages 2006

Intercable Verlag, 2004

StopECG would not wish to accuse Easy Pages of Plagerism but there are a couple of points of note here
  1. Easy Pages refers to the 'General Terms and Conditions as described overleaf' but there was no 'overleaf' the form was distribued as a single page attached to emails.
  2. Easy Pages refers to a CD Rom (Though not a book as mentioned in the earlier Intercable form) but we have no evidence that a CD rom was ever distributed (Contrct invalid?)
  3. In their Later Forms Easy Pages rectified these 2 errors referring people to the terms and conditions on their website and removing mention of the CD-Rom. StopECG would strongly dispute that a form signed in the absence of the terms and conditions is enforcable, referring persons to your website is not sufficient.

Contact StopECG
We are still compiling information on this company and need better scans of the contracts, if you can help, please email details

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