European City Guide Lose Barcelona Appeal

Article Posted 11th April 2007

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Way back in 2003 StopECG reported that the European City Guide (ECG) had been ordered to close for one year and fined 300000 Euros for misleading advertising. This sanction was not the first the Catalans had meted out against the ECG but it was the most severe.

The ECG appealed and in order to avoid the closure order they did a bunk to the alternate administrative jurisdiction of Valencia, from where they have continued to mail deliberately deceptive contracts. As recently as March 2007 they were fined again, this time by the Belgian courts, for fraud, alas this shameless scam continues and has even expanded with offshoot, the E.C.G., S.L. targeting English speaking countries around the globe.

The European Association of Directory And Database Publishers (EADP) reports In an article titled The vice tightens around European bogus directory publishers (posted 6th April 2007) that the ECGs appeal has failed.

It is a wide ranging article that addresses several recent setbacks for the scam guides, in order to view it you will need to register with the EADP website (This is free), we have reproduced only the part relating to the ECGs failed appeal.

Three days later, on 16 February, the High Court of Justice of Catalonia rejected the appeal of the Spanish-based bogus publishing company European City Guide against a decision of the local government of Catalonia which ordered that the company shall close for one year and pay a fine of 300 000. This decision had been taken on the basis of legislation regulating advertising. The advertisement concerned consisted of a mailing in which the receiver was invited to update its company data and containing mentions like "Thanks in advance for your help", or "the updating of your data is free". Furthermore the lower part of the document included in small type a contract for an insertion of the data in the directory under the mentioned conditions "the cost for publication is 817".

It is not clear if the sanction of closure was avoided.

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