EU Business Services Ltd Trading As:

Trading From Utrecht, Netherlands, London UK and Charlestown, Nevis

(Although we suspect their backoffice is in Romania)

DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or associated with EU Company Directory, Euro Business Guide, or European Business Connection. This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to companies that use forms that might be signed in error or profit from the distribution of such forms. If you have come here seeking their services you are in the wrong place!
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Page Originally Published 2nd Feb 2006, Last updated 29th July 2009

We first became aware of this company in September 2005, Early 2006 saw the first complaints from companies who felt mislead and had begun to receive demands for money.

UPDATES November 2006 - July 2009

In early November 2006 we became aware of a new name being used Euro Business Guide See contract (PDF). The examples seen thus far were distributed via spam email. StopECG feels that this contract is even more misleading than the previous one, see blog entry for more on this
A new website, regestered in September 2006, the terms and conditions of the 'contract' are published on the website.

Next up (Starting March 2007) was European Business Connection Those in dispute with Euro Business Guide / European Business Connection are advised to follow the same proceedure as outlined for dealing with EU Company Directory (Below). If you recieved the form by unsolicited email then sign up with Spam Cop and report it.

Starting Early 2008 we have been getting complaints about a misleading form mailed by World Business Directory, of London, UK. Website (Registered May 2007). It is clearly the same people but as it is in a new Jurisdiction So StopECG has established a new page to discuss this guide.

Later in 2008 complaints started to roll in about a misleading form mailed by World Business Guide, of Madrid, Spain and Utrecht, Netherlands. Website (Registered October 2008) - StopECG has established a new page to discuss this guide.
If this page assists you, please link to it! the url is Alternatively, copy the content and host this information on your own website.
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  1. Company Info
  2. Advice if you are pursued for money
  3. Reasearch on EU Company Directory
  4. Press Coverage
  5. Support Email List

Company Info

EU Company Directory appeared in 2005, using contracts almost identical in their layout to those of the Lüdenbach enterprises like the European City Guide and Construct Data (Fair Guide), and Novachannel AG. The terms on the reverse of the contract are also very similar. However it seems likely that this is a copycat affair and is not related to the Ludenbach enterprises.

The forms we have seen include the prominent words updating is free of charge at the top of the form, this is common to most of the forms from other guides that have been ruled to be misleading in the past, furthermore the price is hidden in the small print and is written as EURO 980, (not including the currency symbol makes it more likely that the price will go unnoticed)

The Modus Operandi also follows the Lüdenbach Model, here is what you can expect if you have signed the form:
Contact Info:
The following 3 companies:
EU Company Directory
Euro Business Guide
European Business Connection

all use the same address
P.O. Box 2021

tel: +31 203-120-477 fax: +31-205-248-107

EU Company Directory

Euro Business Guide

European Business Connection
Web: (Defunct, July 2008)

The Above address appears to be an office/PO Box, trade is actually conducted from the tax haven of Nevis in the West Indies. Faxes have been sent from The West Indies, while the main office appears to be in Romania.

EU Business Ltd.
Henvile Building
Prince Charles street
West Indies

Check the research and background for more detailed info

Advice if you are receiving demands for money

To Pay Or Not To Pay

For legal reasons StopECG cannot issue advice either generally or to individuals on the issue of whether you should part with money based on the document you have signed. All we can do is appraise you of the situation as it stands and allow you to make up your own mind. We hope the notes below are of assistance.
  1. EU Company Directory / Euro Business Guide / European Business Connection have many companies on its books who have, or are disputing the validity of its contracts.
  2. The debt collection agency used appears to no other function than to bully people in dispute with these companies. Threats of legal action have not been followed up and to date we have no evidence that anyone has been taken to court for refusal to pay.
  3. Based on past rulings against similar documents this contract would almost certainly fail to stand up in a court, however you must accept that as it has not been challenged yet there is a small risk involved with refusal to pay.

If you are unhappy with EU Company Directory / Euro Business Guide / European Business Connection, you need to file the relevant letters of complaint. Remember, the more letters you write the more likely it is that people will take note.

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please explain why, clearly and in your own words

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.

Who to Write to Contact The Dutch Self Regulation Organisation No Longer Necessary
The Dutch SRO has noted that EU Company Directory appears not to trade from Holland. They cite 2 reasons for being unable to act against this guide.
File a report Via the Steunpunt Acquisitiefraude (Dutch Advertising Fraud Support Centre) Essential
Why: The Steunpunt Acquisitiefraude is a non governement organisation that has been very effective in fighting this sort of problem, they need reports against EU Company Directory to build a case
How: You can file online (Click the link Notification and reporting on the upper left). StopECG Reccomend you compose your letter of complaint fully before filing the online complaint, you will then have accurate text to paste into the web form

Contact Your MEP Essential
advice for residents of the European Union who are in dispute with Gravis Inkasso Gmbh Why: This is a European Problem; MEPs need to be aware as they have the power to bring forward legislation against this sort of cross border advertising, furtharmore, this particular guide is specific to the European Union
How: If you do not know who your MEP is, click the one of the links below and look them up. You may find that you are represented by more than one MEP, if so, please contact them all!! Please ask your MEP to raise your concerns with The Commissioner ALL EU Countries please navigate to your country UK Only (enter your postcode, you can then fax direct from the webform!) UK Only (for postal addresses)

Contact Other Companies Worthwhile
Why: Contacting other companies will allow you to share information and advice, it may also assist them if they are recieving unexpected demands and thought they were alone in disputing the issue
How: Go to the EU Company Directory website and follow the instructions below to find companies in your own country

  1. In the box titled Search Name Of A Company type 'any' then click GO
  2. On the result page scroll down and click the little arrow next to your country E.g. Sweden, then scroll back up and click the GO button next to Search By Business Sector this will show you all the companies in Sweden listed in the agriculture section, some have emails and phone numbers listed, simply contact them and ask about there expereinces
  3. To get more companys use the drop-down where it says Agriculture and move to the next category, then Click Go
NOTE: We recommend that when writing to, or phoning companies you should not pre-emt their response, simply ask them about their experiences with EU Company Directory, if they inform you that they are unhappy, then please direct them to the advice on this webpage, the address is

Contact The Romanian Ministry of Commerce Worthwhile
Why: It appears that EU Company Directory may have their actual office in Romania, this needs to be investigated
How: If you have had emails from EU Company Directory check the headers, you may find that the sender is detailed as ([]) or [] or both...
These adresses end in .ro, indicating that the sender is not in Holland, they are in Romania, If your emails bear this out, please contact the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Commerce and ask them to investigate the issue. We reccomend you send them your full letter of complaint and an additional note explaining why you beleive EU Company Directory are operating from within Romania

Going to the Press Worthwhile
Why: Getting articles in the local press will forwarn others about contracts they may recieve in the post. With a new and little known company like this one, press coverage is vital to alert others!
How: Getting an article into the local press is surprisingly easy More..

Contact the Government in Nevis Worthwhile
Why:This company is incorporated in St. Kitts & Nevis, if you have a complaint about their activities it is important that the government there is told.
How: You can easily modify your letter of complaint to the Steunpunt Acquisitiefraude, so filing this complaint will only take a few minutes. Post to:

Mr Vance W. Amory,
Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry,
Administration Building,
Main Street,
West Indies,


Contact Local trading Standards Worthwhile
Why: Differnet local Trading standards work together and the more people write in, the better picture they will have of any problem across the whole country. Also if they get a lot of complaints Trading Standards may act to warn others or do a press release.
How: You can find your local contact from their website or by phoning your local council. You do not need to write a letter, a phonecall will do it.

Contact Their Bank Unimportant
Why: Postbank NV are a reputable Dutch bank and they may decide that their money is better earned elsewhere!
How: Write to the bank (we reccomend Carbon Copying your full written complaint by post).
The Address is:

Postbank NV,
Haarlemmerweg 520,
1014 BL Amsterdam,

Make sure that you inform the bank that the account used is

Research and Background
As well as the addresses above EU Company Directory has used an address in Romania for domain registrations, it will take time to trace exactly who is behind this outfit. If you think you can help fill in the gaps, Email

The Domain was registered on 10th May 2005, Using the Nevis Address seen above. When Checked in November 2005 the hosting details were thus:
Str Iosif Nemoianu nr 9
Timisoara 1900

By Feb 2006 the hosting contact details had been updated to:

Microware Hungary Kft.
Martinovics u. 13.
B-A-Z 3527

It appears the website is still hosted in Romania

They are registerd as EU Business Services Ltd
Registration number C27229, Charlestown Nevis (WI)

We now have several reports that one of the directors goes by the name of Cornelis Boot (or possibly Woot)

Bank Used
Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
Swift Code LOYDGB2L

This Account appears to be defunct (possibly as a direct result of complaints from the public)

On 10th Feb 2006 EU Company Directory began requesting payment to a different Bank Account

Postbank NV
IBAN : NL02PSTB0001335004
Acc. Nr.: 1335004

Lawyer used | How to complain about the lawyer
Note: StopECG beleives that Dr. Róbert Kovács is no longer persuing debts for these companies, This section is now for reference only.

EU Company Directory began sending letters in March 2006 indicating that they will use the following Lawyer to attempt to enforce disputed debts

Dr. Kovács, Róbert,
1073 Budapest,
Barcsay u. 14. Fsz. 3.

Tel: (Budapest) 321-4521; 343-3024
Fax: (Budapest) 478-0089


In Late July 2006 the first letters began to arrive from the office of Robert Kovács, setting out EUCD's position that a legally binding agreement has been entered into. Letters seen thus far do not threaten legal action.

How To Complain About Róbert Kovács Historical, he appears to have no current involvement
Mr Kovács has been appraised by at least one person of the concerns many hold about the trading practises of EUCD, he has chosen to continue to act for ths company. That said stopECG feel it is best that you put Kovács on notice that you will complain unless he withdraws all representation against you for EUCD and give him a chance to avoid any action on your part.
Write to him explaining your grievances regarding the disputed contract, (for this you can use the text from letters you have previously sent to the Steunpunt Acquisitiefraude and your MEP. Give him a reasonable time (2 Weeks +) to respond confirming he has withdrawn representation for EUCD. Please send copies of this letter to any official bodies you have previously complained to. Most specifically, inform your MEP as Hungary is a member of the European Union and your MEP may be able t bring pressure to bear on the Authorities in Budapest.

If you are unhappy with the response you get from Robert Kovács please complain to the Chamber of Budapest Lawyers

Budapesti Ügyvédi Kamara
Dr. László Réti Chairman
1055 Budapest, Szalay u.7.
Telefon: 36-1-3530-155, 36-1-3530-810
Telefax: 36-1-3321-385

What To Say?

StopECG feel your complaints about Robert Kovacs should be in your own words so we cannot provide a draft letter.
  1. Include a dossier all correspondance you have had with EUCD and Kovacs, also include copies of your letters of complaint to other bodies and their responses.
  2. You may wish to note rulings against other very similar contracts such as the ECG and Construct Data (Fairguide).
  3. Requst that the chamber investigates the issue and that they keep a file open on this subject.
  4. It May be worth noting that the terms of the contract may breach EU regulations.

You may also wish to notify the Hungarian embassies and trade missions in your country. for the UK these are

Hungarian Trade Commission
46 Eaton Place
Tel: 020 7235 8767

Embassy of the Republic of Hungary
35 Eaton Place, London SW1X 8BY
Phone: 020 7235 5218
Fax: 020 7823 1348

Collections Company | How to complain about Waldberg and Hirsch Limited
In October 2006 companies affected by EU Company Directory began recieving letters from Waldberg & Hirsch demanding payments on behalf of the directory
letters are titled "Collection Of unpaid account; Your company / Dr. Robert Kovacs, EU Business Services Ltd." suggesting that the company claim to have been instructed by Kovacs on behalf of EU Company Directory

Company Information

Waldberg & Hirsch,
Hoogoorddreef 9,
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 208908145
Fax: +31 208908146



A Google search for "Waldberg & Hirsch" Conducted on 12th October 2006 produced 0 results, a search for their domain name produced just one result; suggesting the website to be new.This search was last repeated in July 2008 and it now brings several results, all appear to be complaints relating to the guides.

Whois Data obtained on 12th October 2006 found the domain at IP, A reverse DNS points to, and outfit in Timisoara, Romania; the server is actually in the USA. The domain was registered on 18 Sep 2006, only 3 weeks before the first letters were mailed out. This raises the question was it established primarily to assist EU Company Directory in it demands for money?

How To Complain About Waldberg & Hirsch Essential
Waldberg & Hirsch are based in The Netherlands, so complaining is actually a repeat process. Please write to all the people you wrote to regarding EU Company Directory. Feel free to ask them to investigate the following points.
By raising these points stopECG are in no way suggesting impropriety on the part Waldberg & Hirsch. These are simply questions that we feel need to be answered

A few other letters you might wish to write Reccomended
Here a pile of addresses and emails, kindly published by a concerned Dutch Citizen on the Red Cardinal Blog. You can actually rattle through these very quickly, sending the same message to each, do it! Vent your spleen, the more you raise awareness of this problem, the better...

Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce
Mantyu Pentermann
Advison International Trade
CCI Amsterdam
Postbus 2852
1000 CW Amsterdam
Tel: +31 0 20 531 4437

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam
Kamer Van Koophandel Rotterdam
C. Th. (Cor) Bekker
Consultant International Business
Blaak 40 P.O. Box 450, 3000 AL Rotterdam
Tel: +31 10 402 7723
Mobile: +31 0 6 53 41 03 60
Fax: +31 10 414 5754

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam
Kamer Van Koophandel Rotterdam
D.M.M. (Danielle) Bouwman (Advisor/ International Business)
Blaak 40 P.O. Box 450, 3000 AL Rotterdam
Tel: +31 10 402 7868
Fax: +31 10 414 5754

Kamer Van Koophandel Veluwe En Twente
Ton Kuijpers
Consulent Internationale Handel
Stationsstraat 80
Postbus 10282, 7301 GG Apeldoorn
Tel: 055 579 6176
Fax: 055 579 6138
Mobile: 0653 86 80 70

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Drenthe
Kamer Van Koophandel Drenthe
Ed Slagt (Senior Consultant International Trade)
Stationsweg 66, P.O. Box 27 7940 AA Meppel
Tel: +31 522 26 56 00
Fax. +31 522 26 13 51

Kamer Van Koophandel Utrecht
Remco De Bruijn (Ondernemersadviseur Internationale Handel)
Kroonstraat 50 Postbus 48, 3500 AA Utrecht
Tel.: 030 236 32 95
Fax: 030 231 28 04

Kamer Van Koophandel Rivierenland
Marcel Hoebink (Bedrijfsadviseur Internationale Handel)
Laan Van Westroyen 4 Postbus 218, 4000 AE Tiel
Tel.: 0344 63 77 61
Fax: 0344 63 77 01

Kamer Van Koophandel Noordwest-Holland
Michiel Ouwehand (Senior Consulent Bedrijfsvoering Internationale Handel)
Comeniusstraat 10 Postbus 68, 1800 AB Alkmaar
Tel.: 072 519 57 85
Fax: 072 519 57 47
Mobile: 06 520 713 60

Kamer Van Koophandel Flevoland
Maria Turkstra-Visser (Medewerker Internationale Handel)
Het Ravelijn 1, Lelystad
Tel.: 0320 28 62 16
Fax: 0320 22 25 43

Kamer Van Koophandel Haaglanden
J. P. (Paulien) Dirkzwager (Consulente Internationale Handel)
Koningskade 30 Postbus 29718, 2502 LS Den Haag
Tel.: 070 70 328 72 21
Mobile: 06 22 937 235
Fax: 070 326 20 10

Kamer Van Koophandel Haaglanden
Jan Ter Haar (Vice President International Trade)
30 Koningskade P.O. Box 29718, 2502 LS The Hague
Tel.: 070 70 328 72 18
Mobile: +31 187 61 90 60
Fax: 070 326 20 10

Kamer Van Koophandel Dost-Brabant
Ad Van Abeelen (Consulent Internationale Handel)
John F. Kennedylaan 2 Postbus 735, 5600 AS Eindhoven
Tel.: 040 232 32 47
Fax: 040 232 36 22

Known Staff | Get a letter with a new name, Tell us!
These are the names given on letters of Demand etc since 2006, some of course may be fake but some have been confirmed. We have seen hate postings on the WWW, most particularly aimed at Ramona Dzitac, Such postings are unacceptable, while she is clearly a key player you should only tackle these people by legal and morally acceptable routes.

Ramona Dzitac
Alexandra Danila
Andreea Bujorescu
Carmen Ispas
Cora Goroholinschi
Cristina Goroholinschi
Olga Kelemen
Sonia Orevetz

The Guide
We had to smirk when we got the guide, because the presentation is far from professional. Ours arrived in a very thin cheap looking DVD style case, the clips that hold the case shut do not work, nor to the clips that hold the disc in place so the disc, which is an unfinished looking gold CD-Rom had slipped around in transit and arrived badly scratched. The disc is complimented by a single card insert which is a form for the update of company details. We have done our best to make it look 'professional' in the image below. sorry if you feel it looks like a piece of cr*p. WE dutifully inserted the disc into a laptop but it did not work, something to do with needing a Javascript update... Oh well.

The EU Company Directory, Companies disputing the contracts mailed by this firm and the expensive advertising they are being asked to pay for may be unimpressed by the cheap looking packaging and unfinished gold CD-rom

More info as we get it

Press Coverage | See all guide and scam related coverage

EU Company Directory offered me a 'free update' Guardian (5 June 2009)
The business directory's 'hidden numbers' BBC (15 June 2008)
Sorted Daily Mirror (2nd Feb 2006)
TITLE REMOVED Manchester Evening News (24th Oct 2005) (StopECG have removed the title of this article response to correspondance from solicitors AJLO, acting on behalf of EU Company Directory, we are not responsible for the wording any external pages we may link to.)

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