Eye-Net GmbH, Trading from Ingolstadt, Germany

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The Company Eye-Net GmbH is not directly linked to the scam guides however it is of interest for a number of reasons.

The Establishment of Eye-net can be traced back to 2001 as Eye Net Medienagentur when a strange double formation occurred with Eye-Net and Novachannel companies existing in tandem in both Switzerland and Germany, at this stage Novachannels interest was in pornography, however the porno business appears to have been unprofitable and Novachannel switched its attention to the guide business. The Eye-net operations appear to have been left with little raison d'etre and the German branch, Eye-Net GmbH diversified web design and hosting. However the connection the Lüdenbach guides did not end.
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Following the separation Eye-Net GmbH continued to undertake work for guides and guide related companies, most notably, around 2003, the hosting of parts of the guide link-farms via the subsidiary vcsystem.com. As far as is known all this sort of work has now ceased.

2 Of the current directors of Eye-Net GmbH (Thomas Volkmer & Mario Singer) have previously worked on Lüdenbach related projects and Eye-Net GmbH also hosts the internetvictims.com forum which has been used by many of the guides as a vehicle for attacking those critical of their business practices. This Forum was also chosen by Meinolf Lüdenbach as the place to announce his retirement.

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