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Previously trading as International Medical Information (I.M.I.)

Confusing contracts mailed using the name 'Physicians and Therapists Guide' From Switzerland and Portugal

Confusing contracts mailed using the name 'The European Medical Directory' From Portugal

DISCLAIMER This website is in no way affiliated or associated with the Novachannel AG / Med1web / TEMDI or United Directories Lda. This is a non-commercial website established in Opposition to all companies that mail potentially misleading contracts and who refuse to cancel such contracts when they are disputed. StopECG is not responsible for the content of any external site we link to.

Page Last Updated 4th Dec 2009

IMI / Med1web was established as part of well known scam guide operators Novachannal AG. At the start of 2009 Med1web was sold to a Portuguese company, United Directories Lda. A few months later Novachannel was raided by Swiss Police for a second time, and its trade was suspended. A month or so later Novachannel was liquidated.
Chronology of the move to Portugal (some dates are approximate) | Skip to Advice
  • Late 2008 Novachannal AG undertakes large mailout of Med1web forms from Switzerland, many medical professionals sign these under the misapprehension that the form offers a free listing. Novachannel AG have previously suffered at least one legal setback regarding Med1web mailouts, the new forms do differ slightly from those found to be misleading but the fact that so many are signed in error indicates that the primary confusing elements remain. | See Form (PDF) 1
    For more info on Med1web under Novachannel see Notes at end of this page.
  • Early 2009 StopECG begins to receive reports that professionals in dispute with Med1web who signed Novachannels forms are receiving demands from United Directories Lda of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Late Feb 2009 StopECG updates this page to reflect the new situation
  • 13th March 2009 Lawyers Menéres Pimentel Mendes Pinto Borges de Carvalho Ataíde & Associados (MPBA) write to StopECG confirming that their client United Directories Lda have purchased Med1web. They note that United Directories Lda is in no way linked to Novachannel AG or its shareholders. They go on to describe this webpage as defamatory and to request its immediate removal of our page relating to this guide
    • In the letter 3 specific points are made, all of which stopECG feels it can agree to amicably. In our reply we note this, and detail the modifications made to the website, we also encourage United Directories Lda to maintain correspondence so that we can work together to take Med1web in a new and reputable direction.
    • on the webpage we note that it should be assumed that United Directories Lda. are an entirely innocent 3rd party.
  • Late March 2009 StopECG receives numerous emails from medical professionals who are being hounded by United Directories Lda for payment based on the Novachannel contracts. Many of these people reply quoting Art. 23 of the Swiss Code of Obligations and receive replies attempting to refute the validity of the code in reference to Novachannels Contracts. This part is important because it shows that United LDA is fully aware of the disputed nature of the contracts.
  • May 2009 StopECG receives first reports that United Directories Lda are mailing new contracts
  • June 2009 StopECG receives and publishes new contract See New Form (PDF) 1
  • 30th June 2009 StopECG breaks the news that Novachannel and other guide companies have been raided by the Swiss police and are not trading
  • October 2009 Forms for a new guide, The European Medical Directory (TEMDI) begin appearing, mailed by United Directorios More here. Advice if you have signed a TEMDI form is the same as for people in dispute with med1web forms mailed by united

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