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Good News for British NHS Doctors affected by med1web / TEMDI NHS practices may be off the hook 17th December 2009
Novachannel AG lose appeal in Swiss Supreme court 4th November 2009
Are UNITED Directorios, Lda Expanding their operations? Med1web operators launch TEMDI + info on domain names reserved 3rd November 2009
Novachannel AG in Liquidation Info + a history of the company 24th August 2009
Important Swiss article on the Directory Scams Updated information and background to the police raids 12th August 2009
Intercable Verlag AG and Premium Recovery AG in Liquidation Company registers show Liquidators appointed 11th August 2009
Big News From switzerland Police raids against Many scam companies 30th June 2009
Scam Supporters Latest Tactic Defamation tactics on the German forum 4th June 2009
A massive DDos attack StopECG Attacked 15th May 2009
Copyright Infringement Demands to UK webmasters 25th Febuary 2009
Constoppers: UK Tax Deadline Scams 8th January 2009
The European Parliament and the ECG 15th December 2008
Video By Richard Corbett, MEP 24th October 2008
Report From Brussels Pt.2, The German perspective 30th September 2008
Report from Brussels: Lopez Paleaz defends the ECG 22nd September 2008
An Open Letter to the owners of Expo-Guide 17th June 2008
A Second Trip To Brussels 3rd June 2008
German Tax Evaders Beware 24th February 2008
WARNING: United Media s.r.o / World Telecommunications Directory 12th January 2008
A Second Open Letter to Wolfgang Valvoda, CEO, Construct Data (Fairguide) 29th November 2007
SECO issues new warning about Intercable Verlag AG Advice from the Swiss Government regarding the new intercable mailshot 31st October 2007
Data Protection Scams (Again) An old problem revisited. 21st October 2007
Such A simple scam Report on a form of nigerian 419 fraud. 14th May 2007
Report the European Parliament petition against the scam guides is accepted. 9th May 2007
An Open Letter to Wolfgang Valvoda, CEO, Construct Data (Fairguide) 11th April 2007
Misleading forms alert: The UK Internet Register 13th March 2007
Construct Data (Fairguide) in full blown retreat 27th February 2007
Adverts that could be mistaken for invoices 5th February 2007
Euro Business Guide A new name for EU Company Directory 9th November 2006
Attacked Again Another DOS attack against 25th October 2006
Der Spiegel aricle on the addressbook scams 8th September 2006
Does Eye-Net GmbH have money to burn? 31st July 2006
An Open Letter to Meinolf Lüdenbach Response to his announcement of retirement 5th June 2006
Meinolf Lüdenbach announces his retirement Report on the announcement 1st June 2006
Denial (part 2) Examining personal denial 30th May 2006
Another day, another attack More attacks on 22nd May 2006
Denial (part 1) Denial of Service attack on 15th May 2006
The Personal Touch Personal attacks on Jules Woodell the author of 3rd May 2006
Two-way traffic No Nation wins from cross border scams 24th March 2006
The latest from Prague Czech Companies fight Intercable Veralg 23rd March 2006
Moving The Pieces Changes within the Ludenbach empire 21st March 2006
Fame or Vanity? Which will you fall for? 13th March 2006
It's all in a photo Personal thoughst on Ludenbach's photo 10th March 2006
Support and Press coverage detailing support for following the legal attacks 26th Jan 2006
So here we aren't! StopECG removed due to legal threats 20th Jan 2006
Domain Name Fun Scams targetting domain owners 21st Nov 2005
Poll Madness The day we got thousands of votes! 16th Nov 2005

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