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About the advice published here
For several years StopECG has sought to expose directory scams that use deceptively designed contracts to ensnare businesspeople.. To put it mildly this has upset the tricksters who want the victims of their scams to feel alone and foolish.

Some of the scam guides and the debt collection companies they employ have been claiming that the advice on stopECG is out of date, erroneous and motivated by jealousy and/or malice. This is a particularly desperate tactic.

If you are moved by the words or actions of one of the guides/debt collection agencies to doubt the content of this website then please visit the Press Archive to see how these scams are reported in the media.

Other tactics you may face are dossiers of ‘evidence’ that the guides have won court cases, very direct threats of legal action against you, even with courts and dates named, we have numerous examples of these threats being issued and never carried out. If you are being harassed by a guide, This page may help.

If you have recordings other examples of disparaging remarks being made against StopECG or its authors please email them

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