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Also advertises as the Classified Telefax Pages

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2006 Update, This page may now be of historical interest only, we have recieved no new reports of activity by TVV. The contents of parts of this page have not been updated since 2003

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This company offer a fax directory, like the others it is a random selection of businesses who have responded to it's mailshots.
Their contracts are clearly worded than those sent by many of the other guides, nonetheless it is clear that many people signed them in error.

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Front, Faxed
version 2001

Front, mailed
version 2002

Back, mailed
version 2002
Contact Info
Borsteler Chaussee 85-99, Haus 9

Same Building, different office...

2002 contracts are now being mailed as the bold header Classified Telefax Pages and the address
P.O.Box 616165

A Whois search reveals the domain was registered by Wulf Lohmeyer, using yet another office in the same building.

TVV Verlag use Ovag International to collect unpaid invoices.
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123Q on-line agency
This is the newest company we know of to be based at Borsteler Chausse 85-99a (same building?) in Hamburg. and the domain is registered to Wulf Lohmeyer
There is no evidence at this stage that this online directory is using unfair marketing techniques or is even yet selling anything, but we are watching them.

Contact Info
123Q Tele Verzeichnis Verlag GmbH
Borsteler Chaussee 85-99a
22453 Hamburg

Tel: 040.51 48 49 0
Fax: 040.51 48 49 50

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