International Directories Group Ltd Trading As World Business Guide

Trading From Madrid, spain and Utrecht, Netherlands.

(Although we suspect their backoffice is in Panama)

Possibly related companies:
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Page Originally Published 19th July 2009 | Last Updated 5th August 2009

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Company Info
World Business Guide began life at the end in 2008, however we suspect it is associated with a wider suite of companies that all use similar misleading forms and tactics. The Guide uses the name International Directories Group Ltd on its website and Emails, this trading name is not used by the other guides in this group. The name International Directories Ltd is used by World Business Directory (See the Reasearch Section). At its outset the owners simply copied the database of World Business Directory. For the contires we checked the entire database was transferred. Finally they publish on their website an address that has previously been used by EU Business Services Ltd. This said we have not ruled out the slight possibility that this is a copycat operation, perhaps established by a former employee.

Assuming Modus Operandi is the same as for the other companies those who sign this form in error can expect: Contact Info:
World Business Guide,
C/ Azcona, 58, local,
BOX 252,
28028 MADRID,

P.O. Box 2021,
3500 GA Utrecht,
The Netherlands


The Above addresses appear to be an PO Boxes, with trade actually conducted from Panama. The Utrecht Address has previously been used by EU Business Services Ltd. and the Dutch SRO reported that it was not a physical office

Contracts Used
Here are examples of WBG forms seen. we reccomend that companies distribute examples of these forms internally to people who might recieve spam emails in order to forwarn them and prevent anyone signing the forms in error. March 2009 Version | June 2009 Version |

Check the research and background for more detailed info

Advice if you are receiving demands for money

To Pay Or Not To Pay

For legal reasons StopECG cannot issue advice either generally or to individuals on the issue of whether you should part with money based on the document you have signed. All we can do is appraise you of the situation as it stands and allow you to make up your own mind. We hope the notes below are of assistance.
  1. World Business Guide has companies on its books who have, or are disputing the validity of its contracts.
  2. Based on past rulings against similar documents this contract would almost certainly fail to stand up in a court, however you must accept that as this exact document has not been challenged yet there is a small risk involved with refusal to pay.

If you are unhappy with World Business Guide, you need to file the relevant letters of complaint. Remember, the more letters you write the more likely it is that people will take note.
To Save yourself time StopECG suggests you draft one letter, detailing your experiences and complaints then use the same text for ALL the suggested letters below

Whenever filing official complaints, we recommend you keep your letters short, polite and factual. If you feel the original document was misleading, please explain why, clearly and in your own words

You should include copies of all Correspondence you have had with the guide and with their agents. We reccomend you send high quality photocopies and should keep your original correspondence on file. If you have lost or destroyed any documents please note this in your letter of complaint.

Who to Write to (Because this guide gives addresses in 2 countries (and may in fact have offices in neither) you may write some letters in vain, we will refine this page as the authorities in each country react to the situation. we will also add more addresses so please check back! Contact the spanish SRO (Autocontrol) Essential
SROs (Self-Regulatory organisations) Impose a code of conduct on advertisers, in some countries such as the UK they have considerable legal powers, in other countries their powers are limited Autocontrol,
Conde de Peñalver, 52, 1º C,
E - 28006,

Tel +34 91 309 66 37
Fax: +34 91 402 98 24


Contact the Dutch SRO (Stichting Reclame Code (SRC)) Essential
SROs (Self-Regulatory organisations) Impose a code of conduct on advertisers, in some countries such as the UK they have considerable legal powers, in other countries their powers are limited Stichting Reclame Code (SRC) Stichting Reclame Code,
PO Box 12 352,

Tel: +31 20 696 00 19,
Fax: +31 20 696 56 59,


Contact Your MEP Essential
advice for residents of the European Union who are in dispute with Gravis Inkasso Gmbh Why: This is an International Problem; MEPs need to be aware as they have the power to bring forward legislation against this sort of cross border advertising, especially as both addresses are within the European Union
How: If you do not know who your MEP is, click the one of the links below and look them up. You may find that you are represented by more than one MEP, if so, please contact them all!! Please ask your MEP to raise your concerns with The Commissioner ALL EU Countries please navigate to your country UK Only (enter your postcode, you can then fax direct from the webform!) UK Only (for postal addresses)

Persons living Outside the EU need to address the commissioner in writing:
Meglena Kuneva,
DG Health and Consumer Protection ,

Contact Other Companies Worthwhile
Why: Contacting other companies will allow you to share information and advice, it may also assist them if they are recieving unexpected demands and thought they were alone in disputing the issue
How: Go to the World Business Guide website and follow the instructions below to find companies

  1. Select one of the categories at the bottom of the page,E.g. Health Care
  2. Click the category now a new set of links appears on the lower right Select A Continent
  3. Click Your continent now a new set of links appears on the lower right Select Tour Country
  4. A new search option now appears on the lower left, Enter your City under Location
  5. Read This Bit Some of the data may be archived from World Business Directory. Please give us feedback on what companies you contact know about the 2 guides
NOTE: We recommend that when writing to, or phoning companies you should not pre-empt their response, simply ask them about their experiences with World Business Guide, if they inform you that they are unhappy, then please direct them to the advice on this webpage, the address is:

Going to the Press Worthwhile
Why: Getting articles in the local press will forwarn others about contracts they may recieve in the post. With a new and little known company like this one, press coverage is vital to alert others!
How: Getting an article into the local press is surprisingly easy More..

Contact Their Bank Worthwhile
Coming Soon

Research and Background
A whois on the Domain gives the owner as International Directories Ltd, at the Madrid address (Last check 29th July 09)
This may be signifigant becasue the name International Directories ltd. (as oppose to International Directories Group ltd. is also seen in the Whois data for World Business Directory. Neither International Directories Group ltd. nor International Directories ltd. are Registered with Companies house in the UK

WBG sends it contracts by email, Like other companies in this grouping the contracts are not pre-filled. Analysis of spam emails with contracts sent by World Business Guide show that they originated in Panama and were then relayed through a server in Russia.

WBG owns some mirror domains, so far found: (Inactive, July 29th 2009)
All Above were registered in April 2009 using the same Madrid postal address but a different email address, These donains are hosted on a dedicated offshore server in Hong Kong.
The Above domains are Regestered at Madrid Address but is Hosted in Turkey [IP:])(5th August 2009)
As Above but Registration Details are hidden The Above domain is Found in headers of spam emails - Regestered in Seychelles, managed from Hong Kong, Hosted in Turkey [IP:])(5th August 2009)

The use of multiple domains may be an attempt to avoid spam filters.

Press Coverage | See all guide and scam related coverage

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